What is Creetown Distillers?

What is Creetown Distillers?

Creetown Distillers is an independent bottling label from Whiskybroker. While this label and particular branding may be new to the marketplace, Whiskybroker was established in 2010 by Martin Armstrong. Martin is no stranger to whisky, growing up Martin’s family owned and operated a distillery in the lowlands of Scotland. Whiskybroker has been independently bottling scotch whisky since their inception, however, the Creetown Distillers label is a newer and more fanciful label for Whiskybroker. Whether bottled under the Whiskybroker name or Creetown Distillers, the liquid inside is of excellent quality. Martin has access to amazing casks and is keen to bottle only when the time is right. Martin and his wife Jane run an impressive operation out of their Creetown office and warehouses, with over 20 employees on the team from warehouse operations and sales to bottling.

 Where does the name come from?

The name Creetown Distillers comes from Whiskybroker’s location in Creetown. Creetown is a remote town located in the often overlooked Dumfries and Galloway region in the Lowlands of Scotland. The site overlooks the sea with beautiful views in every direction. The town is named for the River Cree which runs from the hills to the sea. Ferries to Northern Ireland run from nearby Cairnryan and the Isle of Arran is also a short ferry ride away. While Creetown isn’t on everyone’s list for Scotland travel destinations, there is plenty of outdoor activities, including hiking and fishing, historic ruins and of course distilleries like Bladnoch and new comer Crafty a short distance away. Creetown and the surrounding region truly is Scotland’s forgotten corner.

In the picture accompanying this post, ScotchDrinkersOnly owner and founder Howard Sacks meets with Whiskybroker owner and founder Martin Armstrong in the Whiskybroker warehouse.


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