About Us

Scotch Drinkers Only was born from our love of, you guessed it, scotch. After multiple trips to Scotland and many a dram, we noticed a few things, the first being the overwhelming amount of impressive scotch bottlings and second, a serious lack of these single cask, single malts making it across the pond to the states.

At Scotch Drinkers Only we only sell products we’ve tried and love! We work closely with all of our brand owners in Scotland and love helping them achieve greater visibility and success. Like us, our brands are small family owned businesses. We’ve visited their sites and met the people behind the cask selections and we are confident you’ll love their exclusive bottlings from many of Scotland’s renowned distilleries.  We’ve visited over 80 distilleries (and counting) and love sharing our personal experiences and quirky facts about each one with you. Each distillery and its people has its own history, its own story and Scotch Drinkers Only brings that story to you with each bottling.


Howard and Melissa

Founders of Scotch Drinkers Only