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Creetown - 18yo Arran Single Malt Scotch Whisky, Sherry Hogshead Cask #2, 54.6% Alc/Vol, 700 ml

Creetown - 18yo Arran Single Malt Scotch Whisky, Sherry Hogshead Cask #2, 54.6% Alc/Vol, 700 ml

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Cask Number: #2

ABV: 54.6%

Cask Type: Sherry Hogshead

Bottles: 111 (36 allocated to US)

Bottle Size: 700ml

Natural color, not chill-filtered.

About Lochranza Distillery

Established in 1995, the Lochranza Distillery on the Isle of Arran is one of Scotland’s youngest distilleries but not so young that it’s name and whisky are not recognized and appreciated in the whisky world. A short ferry ride from the Kintyre peninsula, the Lochranza Distillery is located in the town of the same name on the most northern tip of the island. There is much confusion in the distillery’s region – it’s a short jump from Cambeltown but also not far from the Lowlands region. Or is it an island whisky? Technically, it’s none of the above , it’s classified as Highland distillery because of its locale on the north part of the isle.

The Lochranza Distillery and its neighbor on the south of the isle, the Lagg Distillery are both owned by the Isle of Arran Distillers Limited, an independent and privately held company. Sometimes still referred to Arran Distillery, its original name, the distillery was renamed to Lochranza when the second distillery at Lagg opened since there were now two distilleries on the island.

Established by Harold Currie, a former managing director at Chivas Brothers, the distillery was financed by issuing ‘Founder’s Bonds’ to 2,500 lucky investors. Instead of a normal return of principal plus interest to the investors, each received 10 cases of Arran whisky (five in 1998 and five in 2001) for just 450 GBP. At well under 10 GBP/bottle that sounds like a great investment to us! Shortly after the distillery opened, the late Queen Elizabeth officially opened the visitor center and was presented two casks for two chaps named William and Harry.  Surprisingly, the royals have never collected the casks which are still under a watchful eye in Warehouse 1.

The distillery’s water source, Loch Na Davie, passes through six natural waterfalls before reaching the distillery. Inside, its shiny Forsyth stills have wide, round bottoms with long necks. The fermentation is long – 75 hours, producing a clear wort with aromas of apples, and citrus fruits. This 18 year old Arran is a lovely dram with floral aromas and a mouthful of fruit.

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