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Dràm Mòr - Inchfad (peated Loch Lomond), 1st Fill PX Sherry Hogshead, Cask No. #1101, 16yo, 53.2% Alc/Vol, 700 ml

Dràm Mòr - Inchfad (peated Loch Lomond), 1st Fill PX Sherry Hogshead, Cask No. #1101, 16yo, 53.2% Alc/Vol, 700 ml

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Cask Number: #1101

ABV: 53.20%

Cask Type: Finished in first fill PX Sherry Hogshead

Bottles: 191 (24 allocated to US)

Bottle Size: 700ml

Colour: Teak

Nose: So so chocolaty. If you could make chocolate in a Forsyth still this is what it would nose like.

Palate: Not the normal for an Inchfad but this one is getting on in years. The 16 winters have mellowed the classic peat right out of this cask leaving a hint of phenol but nothing that you would calls as smoke at all. A special dram but for those who have had the classic young, punchy peat smoke coming from Inchfad, expect the unexpected here.

Finish: That delicious chocolate continues but now with a nuttiness that brings along a kiss of chilli flakes just for fun.

Reviews from Real Scotch Drinkers!

By Earie Argyle at


“Superbly subtle. Understated peat going wonderfully well with a rich, earthy sweetness of dark chocolate, cooked red fruit, mushrooms and cream cheese going into custard. The red fruit emerges further, sitting on a savoury note. again, that weird, but wonderful  combo of dark chocolate and mushrooms. And all of that is just from sticking my nose in the glass immediately after pouring. Take five, Earie!

Coming back some 15 – 20 minutes later and it’s still equally impressive: a slightly dirty, vegetal note pops up and all the while this wonderful herbaceous sweetness lingers through.


Everything that had me hooked on the nose alone, returns on the palate. Sweetness mixed with a slightly dirty and vegetal funk, while again that dark chocolate is married extremely well with a gentle, understated phenolic peat before it ends in a long, very warming, peaty, woody, gently peppery, savoury driven finish that rounds of everything rather perfectly.

The Dregs

Yes, this is an expensive whisky, but it’s also something very, very precious. All the Inchfads bottled by Dràm Mòr so far have been an absolute treat, and while this one really takes things into a different direction, it completely blew my socks off. If ever there’s a whisky to splash the cash on, this might well be it.”

About Loch Lomond Distillery

Loch Lomond is one of Scotland’s largest and most versatile distilleries. It is both a grain and malt distillery. It produces single grain whiskies and single malt whiskies, blends too. The site has both pot stills and a single Coffey still. Column stills are used for the grain whisky distillation.  The distillery is technically in the Highlands but it straddles the Lowlands with its location in Alexandria, a town on the distillery’s namesake, Loch Lomond.

A fairly new distillery by Scotland’s terms, Loch Lomond commenced production in 1966. Interestingly, Loch Lomond was a venture between the owners of the nearby Littemill Distillery and the American owned Barton Brands. A true innovator, with its own grain and malt production, Loch Lomond was not reliant on trading stock with other distilleries for its blends. The distillery beats to its own drum for more than just its spirit versatility. It utilizes wine yeasts, highly unusual, for its fruity whiskies and has its own cooperage on site. It’s one of only four Scottish distilleries with its own cooperage, ensuring only the highest quality casks are used for Loch Lomond whiskies. Typical fermentation is between 40-45 hours but not Loch Lomond, here the fermentation period is 90 hours.

Loch Lomond defines their single malt style as ‘delivering fruit, sweet honey and soft smoke’. Producing both peated and unpeated malts, this 16 year old Inchfad, is Loch Lomond’s highly peated single malt. Officially released as single malt for a short time, it’s now used in the distillery’s blended whiskies. Luckily, independent bottlers like Dràm Mòr are sometimes able to get their hands on this delicious liquid.

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